What Life Coaching Can Do For You.

“Let me tell you my big accomplishment,” a Colorado client said at the beginning of our coaching session this week. “The piles in my bedroom are all gone!”

“Wow!” I responded with a round of applause over our Skype connection. “How did you manage it? Tell me everything.”

“I had a free day with the recent Monday holiday so decided to get it done. Feels great, but no one really celebrated this feat in my house. I knew YOU would appreciate the achievement.” She rotated her laptop to show me the newly vacant, clean spaces.

We continued our time with the other three goals she had identified back in the summer and took time to assess her progress. On a 1-10 scale she humbly gave herself 7s and 8s, expressing wonder how much had changed in only six months of coaching. Better relationships with her aging mother and semi-launched young adult children as well as healthier life margins were a few of the reasons for her high scores.

“I give myself a ‘2’ for Dari language learning. I want to continue to press toward the target of weekly partner study and audio lessons for 2019,” she stated firmly. “Hold me accountable. I believe after these other successes I can do this one too.”

Coaching Really Works!

When I first embarked on my professional coaching preparation in 2013, I wondered how these methods could make a difference. I left my intense week of coaching training with hours of practice as the coach plus a list of actions for myself. The chance to experience coaching as a client in the training was insightful and amazing. I saw coaching naturally draw out my own dreams and determinations for higher life satisfaction and illuminate the next steps I needed to take.

Coaching really works.

I find myself saying this in my head and even out loud as I assist clients toward personal and professional goals.

Here are the basic parts of life coaching I employ at each session (from the COACH Model by Keith Webb, 2012):

  • Connection – establishing a warm, caring relationship with each client
  • Outcome – setting the goals for the coaching series (usually 4-6 months)
  • Awareness – asking powerful questions and giving feedback in client conversations to build insight and utilize new discoveries for success
  • Course – breaking down the overall goals into clear, measurable action steps during each coaching session
  • Highlight – summarizing each session to cement new learning

Coaching Helps Hear from God

Our loving Father wants us to enjoy and appreciate the life He has given us, with all its challenges and surprises. Seeking after a productive future is His desire for each of His children.

As a Christian life coach, I believe God releases the counsel and guidance from the Holy Spirit to be the perfect Third person in each coaching session. Moving along one step at a time is the classic faith journey rhythm. He gives revelation in small amounts for our good and for continued dependence on Him, the Omnipotent One who knows the future completely.

As a coach, my own view of God has grown immensely as I watch Him lead and provide answers for my clients in ways I would never have imagined. His ways are limitless and creative. Coaching builds faith for future endeavors as we reflect and celebrate the client’s progress toward achieving his/her goals.

Here is a recent endorsement from a twenty-seven-year-old client after two years of life coaching:

We all need an external perspective in our lives especially from someone who is insightful and determined enough to dig to the root issue. But Gail doesn’t stop there. Walking alongside the Holy Spirit, she challenges preconceived notions, and guides you to a place of clarity and encouragement. It’s worth every penny. Investing in coaching is an investment in your future. It’s life-changing!   ~Chad