I've known Gail for many years and we've been close friends for the last five or six years. She doesn't betray people's confidences and I know I can trust her with my "stuff." She is a wise woman with a great "can do" approach to life. Conversations with her have helped me clarify some sticky issues.
Gail’s my go-to friend when I have a problem and don’t know what to do. She’s a master at cutting through the chase—at getting to the heart of a matter. She skillfully (even cleverly!) get you to admit the truth to yourself, and then guides you into taking positive steps to move forward.
Gail has been a mentor to me, both professionally and personally.  The skills she taught me and the experience I gained under her provided a solid foundation for my career.  Even more important though, Gail is a living example of woman who passionately pursues God.  Her words ring in my ears often; she played a vital role in in my spiritual walk.

Gail and I worked together at St. Joseph Christian School, where she was a teacher and guidance counselor, and I was an administrator.  Gail was mission-driven and passionate, and a highly effective educator.   In 2005, Gail left our school to launch another school—the International School of Kabul, Afghanistan, where she served successfully as K-12 principal for 6.5 years.  She’s a gifted teacher and administrator that gets the job done.  I miss working with her!

Gail has been instrumental about speaking truth into challenging places in my life, allowing me to grow in ways I couldn't have expected. I trust that sharing parts of my life with her in a life coach setting will allow me to be more productive in my personal and professional life, and help me build skills to be the kind of person I want to be.
Gail was very good at helping me prioritize, then set a reasonable time limit to each task so that it wasn't overwhelming. It is also helpful to know that I will be held accountable to accomplish these tasks by our next meeting. I was able to open my own business with Gail's guidance!
Gail has been my life-coach. She has asked pointed (relevant) questions that made me think and process things in new ways. Gail’s professionalism (as a life-coach) and supportive interest in me have helped me greatly. With Gail’s help it was easier to walk in the darkness (and wait for brighter days). Gail has spoken the truth with love into my life. Gail is genuine and she has a humble attitude. Through her personality and experiences Gail has allowed God to mentor me.
Gail's unique life experiences combined with her professional expertise provide an extraordinary foundation for life coaching. Personally, Gail has encouraged me to grow from tragedy and disappointment. By modeling hope and perseverance, Gail gives others the courage to change and become stronger in the process.
Gail coached my two daughters through their junior/senior years of college.  They wanted to successfully finish college and move into the next phase of life with minimal transitions. Having Gail coach them to be successful with their goals was paramount to their desire to not have "senioritis".  They  are both pleased with the path they are on and the accomplishment they feel.