In the final months of living in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2012, I wondered what I would do when returning to the U.S. My time as an international K-12 administrator came to an end. My husband was serving as the interim pastor for the international Christian community that summer and we had the privilege to counsel several individuals and couples.

I remembered back several years before moving overseas when I would meet regularly with women for personal counseling and discipleship, even before completing my graduate degree in professional counseling. I found this invigorating work, assisting people to LEARN to LIVE WELL and leave unhealthy behaviors behind, so I determined to pursue a counseling ministry in my hometown Missouri church.

During the start-up research, I became acquainted with life coaching and was supported to complete training and add this option to my ministry along with counseling. Through all areas of opportunity to influence others such as teaching, counseling, coaching, speaking, and writing, I desire to help people embrace the life they have been given and live it well.