Refugees and Reunions: Black Forest Academy

Refugees and Reunions: Black Forest Academy

Slow down!” I yelled at my husband.

I looked at his speedometer. It read 186 km/hr. I was gripping the door handle and watching the German countryside whiz by without much notice.

“I have always wanted to do that,” my husband responded gleefully, “speed down the autobahn!”

We had been warned by European friends to stay out of the left lane unless serious about passing. For several minutes my husband acted like a racecar driver until I began my screaming fit. There were occasional posted limits of 130 km/hr but few drivers seemed to heed the restrictions. I found it unnerving to travel at such speeds.

We soon returned to a reasonable pace as we continued our journey from northern Germany to the southwestern border. The spring weather and blooming flora made for idyllic touring and we arrived to our destination by late afternoon. Our B&B host was waiting for us and gave information where we might go for dinner in the small, picturesque village-town.


We spent the remainder of the weekend in Kandern, Germany, home to Black Forest Academy and over 300 students. The school began 60 years ago and has undergone many changes. BFA strives to deliver quality academic and character education. Many parents live and work in a global location that cannot meet schooling needs and so about half of the secondary BFA students live in residence halls situated around Kandern.

My niece Grace is one of the BFA high school dorm students and we visited her on Sunday, first attending morning church service on the campus. We sat outside in the sunshine and perfect temperatures afterward, enjoying pizza and salad at a town square restaurant.



Then we drove up into the Black Forest to Lake Titisee (with hundreds of other sightseers) to appreciate the weather and breathtaking views the area had to offer. Grace shared about life at a boarding school and plans for college in a couple years.


Ice cream, paddle boats, souvenir shops, and Bavarian polka bands made for a full afternoon of cultural delight. Stopping at a roadside eatery for dinner on the drive back to Kandern, we cleaned our plates of the delicious grilled schnitzel, fresh frites, and a variety of German green salads. Yum!


Monday morning after breakfast, I walked around Kandern, gazing up at the mountain scenery and down the streets lined with gingerbread homes and quaint flower gardens.  Refreshing. Then we set off for Switzerland.


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