The Power of the Next Step and 3 More Reasons to Engage a Life Coach in the New Year

The Power of the Next Step and 3 More Reasons to Engage a Life Coach in the New Year

You have dreams. You have a big project to complete. You have years of unsorted documents and clutter. You have moved to a new city with a new job. You have just recovered from a lengthy illness. You have launched children and now a freer schedule.

The view ahead is hazy and unmotivating, like a cold, rainy day. You want to move forward, but you feel like cement blocks have replaced your shoes.

You say, “If I only knew the next step, how to kick start myself.

Working with a Life Coach can provide exactly what you need, the Next Step.

  • The Next Step toward a healthier lifestyle.
  • The Next Step to change careers.
  • The Next Step to write your book.
  • The Next Step to strengthen your marriage.
  • The Next Step to start your own business.
  • The Next Step to organize your life.

You are the expert on your life. A Life Coach uses techniques such as active listening, open questions, encouragement, challenges to present thinking, and positive feedback. All these methods are meant to assist you, the client in discovering insights and taking next steps.

3 More Reasons to Engage a Life Coach

  • Accountability – “I knew you would ask me if I completed the job application, so I finished it last night,” said one of my clients. Another said, “I promised Gail I would follow-up the interview with a phone call, so I had to do it.” Accountability fuels your commitment to keep moving forward. 
  • Celebration – Small steps lead to large accomplishments and need to be recognized along the way. Praise and acknowledgement of hard work energizes. Coaches love to join a client’s victory party!
  • Companionship – Friends and family can be great supporters. Or not. When you want to make changes, sometimes you need someone outside your inner circle that has an objective perspective (and hasn’t been part of past failures or problems). You can’t wear out your coach with too much self-focus. That is the reason you meet together.

You can make your dreams come true and your projects complete. You can accomplish new goals in your career, relationships, and spiritual life. Engage a Life Coach.

Gail was very good at helping me prioritize and then set a reasonable time limit to each task so that it wasn’t overwhelming. It is also helpful to know that I will be held accountable to accomplish these tasks by our next meeting. I was able to open my own business with Gail’s guidance! Jenny- Missouri

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  1. David Reimer

    I have been interested for some time in becoming a life coach and focusing on working with youth. I have seen so many young people struggle to understand themselvesa and like who God made them. I believe that becoming self-aware based on God’s design and finding how it can help to find their unique calling is something vital in so many kids lives and there just isn’t much being offered in public education to help. I took a masters level career counseling course a few years ago while attempting to get my masters degree in counseling to be a school counselor. I couldn’t believe the relevance of personality awareness and acceptance in light of finding a suitable occupation. I don’t know if there is a program that exists that could help me help kids discover their God designed uniqueness and help them see how who they are can serve as great clues to the career field they might be designed for as well. If you know of anything, please let me know. I’m a musician and saw your site after your son shared it. I grew up in Oklahoma but ended up in North Carolina and have worked at music stores mostly, but was a teacher assistant at an elementary school for a few years as well. Anyway, thanks for any ideas as to what my next step might be.

    • David,
      Thanks for writing! You are right that young people need help in navigating the future (we all do!). I would suggest a couple things…not knowing where you live exactly…see what is already happening with youth in career guidance at Christian schools and other ministries. When I was the counselor at a Christian school, I used the Career Direct program. You can check it out online. There may be some other programs you could get involved with through a church or youth organization as a mentor. Let me know how your investigation goes. This would be a great goal to coach you through so let me know if you want to contract for that! Blessings, Gail

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