Be Present – To God & Others

Be Present – To God & Others

What does it mean to “be present?”

Is this a physical thing? A mental thing? An activity or an attitude?

Can we really be present with others in this age of technology and personal devices grabbing our attention with each ding and flash of light?

When referring to God or even Evil, can we recognize a spiritual presence and are we then present with such a being? Do we want that to happen?

In the glorious Northwest, a wonderful friend (Caroline Wilson) and I will be exploring these deep ideas with the women of Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church for their annual retreat this coming weekend, April 29-May 1, 2016.

Friday night after settling in and worshipping together, we will explore the benefit and blessing of Being Present with Friends. Caroline will share personal and biblical references to the role of friendships in our earthly journey.

Early Saturday morning we will meet with God individually, digging into scripture to reflect on the nature of God and His presence in our daily lives. We will be challenged to assess if we sense a disconnect with God and who moved away?

During our large group gathering Saturday morning, I will offer ways to be Present with Our Families and how to usher in the presence of God into our homes. Using a well-known fun personality test, we will also appreciate the presence of God in each of our family members.

Later on Saturday night, we will press into discovering how to Be Present with God. Is He a story? An allegory? A person? Involved in our present lives, or only the Master of our future destiny?

Sunday morning we will reach outside our personal worlds and consider what is happening in our communities and globally. What is our mandate to join God in what He is doing with refugees and immigrants? Will we Be Present with the World’s Women? Or will we let this historical time we live in pass us by? What role is reasonable for one woman to reach out? Can she make a difference?

No doubt God cares about all these questions and musings more than we know. I expect not only His presence at the Chapel Hill retreat, I expect Him to challenge ME to know His presence in new ways, and then take Him as I know Him, to my friends, my family, and the world.

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