ABC’s of Living Well: T – U – V

ABC’s of Living Well: T – U – V

Anxiety and depression are prevalent these days. Yet, they are curable.

One unbeatable solution is to count your blessings as the nervous, sad thoughts try to invade. Today’s ABC’s encourage thankfulness among other virtues.

T – Think Thankful Thoughts

In Philippians 4:6 from the Bible, the apostle Paul tells us clearly not to be anxious about anything. We should talk to God about everything- with thanksgiving.

The key ingredient for this successful practice is remembering with gratitude the positive things that have already occurred in your life. That brings confidence such assistance can happen again and peace cancels out worry.

People have testified to this solution for a long time.

When upon life’s billows you are tempest-tossed,
When you are discouraged, thinking all is lost,
Count your many blessings, name them one by one,
And it will surprise you what the Lord has done.  ~Johnson Oatman, Jr., pub.1897

U – Understand Unforgiveness Ugliness

Clenched jaw. Extra wrinkles. Permanent grimace or scowl. Dull eyes.

I still remember this woman’s face. Even with carefully applied make-up, she was not attractive. Her clothes were expensive with matching accessories, but this was not enough to make up for her pained, drawn countenance and hard facial expression.

She was a bitter person. Truly she had encountered some crazy traumas in her life with one son born with mental defects and another one mysteriously dead after days of disappearance.

Working for her was a daily nightmare, and I lasted only a few months. The atmosphere was toxic and suffocating, trying to please her and anticipate her moods, while directing the day care center she owned.

Unforgiveness is ugly and it shows on our faces and in our behaviors. We must forgive to be healed, to release inner and outer beauty.

V – Validate Virtue’s Value

We don’t hear much about virtue, about goodness, righteousness, and moral purity. Our culture does not validate such qualities. Standards for good and right are fluid. Many churches have changed the long-standing definitions of marriage and acceptable sexual behaviors.

As a counselor and Boomer-era adult, I resist the loosening, even promotion of less virtue. When people act contrary to their intrinsic values and allow others to disrespect them, they are not happier or more satisfied with their lives.

Choose the higher ground of conduct. Value virtue over current behavior fads. Live well.

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  1. An article about anxiety? And Gail wrote it! I sat right down in the midst of cleaning and packing to read these little nuggets! Thanks for the wisdom. I do have so much for which I’m thankful. I’m making a mental note to stay focused on the many blessings. Thanks.

    • We do have so many blessings! I love that God gives us therapeutic formulas for staying healthy in our thinking. We just need to focus on “these things.” Thanks for taking time to read and comment, friend! 🙂

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