ABC’s of Living Well:  Q – R – S

ABC’s of Living Well: Q – R – S

Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it ~ Anne Shirley

This is one of my favorite quotes from Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. When I am counseling or coaching a client struggling to reboot after a difficult life chapter, I cheerlead them with this concept. Tomorrow is another day. Try again. Look for that freshness. Write a new page of your story.

Today’s ABC’s including exhortations to go the distance and live well:

Q – Quit Quitting

Many people who suffer with depression or anxiety cannot believe the clouds will ever lift. Without others in their lives to hold their hands or boost them up after a fall, these tired emotional warriors can’t appreciate the new sunrise and often quit.

I hate quitting in that context. So much losing happens.

Don’t quit. Get help. Allow someone outside of your discouraged perspective to speak fresh air into your stale self-talk. Everyone has value and something to contribute. Hope in a new tomorrow for yourself. It can absolutely happen.

R – Recognize Reality

What is the difference between optimism and realism? Which is better?

Encarta Dictionary says optimism is expecting the best, having confidence, believing in the power of good, and having hope. Realism describes a practical understanding of life and an objectivity of how things work in the world. Optimism applies more to our affect and realism more to our cognitive functioning.

Both require a choice, making an effort to believe what can happen and accept what is happening. The balance is a good one and can offer a person clear eyes (realism) and a bright smile (optimism). Reflection is necessary. Select a trustworthy listener to check summations before landing on what is the truth.

S – Supervise your Soul

I recently read John Ortberg’s book Soul Keeping: Caring for the Most Important Part of You. He explains how our current culture of materialism and shallow living dries up our souls that were created for eternal meaning.

Here is a quote (p.66): “God designed us so that our choices, our thoughts and desires, and our behavior would be in perfect harmony with each other and would be powered by an unbroken connection with God, in perfect harmony with Him and with all of His creation. That is a well-ordered soul.”

There is plenty in that book to help us live well. I recommend it.

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